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Looking to refer to Advanced Health?

We welcome all referrals and would like to make the transition as easy as possible on the referring physician and patient. Please refer to our New Patient Paperwork to better understand how our intake process works. We will need the following items before we can proceed:

  • Copy of patient's diagnostic sleep study, titration or subsequent studies, and any follow up or continuing compliance on current machine (if applicable).

  • All sleep medicine consultation/progress notes, including notes of initial diagnosis.

  • Insurance card, demographic information, and list of current supplies and machine Serial Number (if applicable). We recommend filling out this Last Received Supply Checklist to ensure patient can continue to receive supplies in accordance with insurance guidelines. 

  • A signed prescription notating what patient is seeking from our services: machine, supplies, etc..

  • Additionally, if you are referring a Medicare or Medicare replacement patient, we do require that patient signs and fills out the Medicare ABN form before they meet with one of our technicians.

Please fax all documents to Advanced Health Services at 708.364.9607 ATTN: New Patient Referral

Once we have all of these documents we will be able to contact patient and move forward with establishment. 


We accept a wide range of insurance policies, including: 

*If you are unsure about a particular plan, please contact our billing department at 708.364.9606 ext.7763 to verify coverage and in-network benefits.

Medicare Supplier Index

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1st, 2019, we are now a Medicare approved provider for sleep apnea and cpap supplies. If you have found us using the above directory of providers, you are in the right place.

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