DME and Dedicated PAP Care Services
PAP Machines and Resupply


Most new patients are set-up with the ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset Machine, which is the newest and most progressive model on the market. In some cases, patients may require special machines such as ASV or BiPAP and can be special ordered. Our warehouse located in the south suburbs of Chicago carries the latest masks and chinstraps, from ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel, as well as all machine replacement supplies for a wide range of PAP machine models. Our shipping department is prompt and responsive to all resupply orders, from the automated system, to the online portal, to live phone calls Monday through Friday, 8:30am until 5:30pm. Please note: due the nature of the supplies we sell, all sales are final. Unless there is human error from our warehouse shipping staff, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for healthcare equipment. 

Shipping Department: 708.364.9606 ext.7764

Billing Department: 708.364.9606 ext 7763


Patient Care Coordinators

Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) are registered sleep technicians that work in conjunction with sleep physicians to coordinate sleep care. They often function as our strongest patient advocates, working as the liaison between patients and their physicians. They are available Monday through Friday at each of our locations to meet with patients and assist in one-on-one sleep care. They explain and proctor Home Sleep Tests and MSLTs (day studies), conduct machine set ups and machine checks, access sleep data for compliance, fit and assist with mask issues, and work with other DME companies for easy transitions for the patient moving from one supplier to another.

Patient Care Assistants

We like to think of our Patient Care Assistants (PCA) as the first line of defense. Not only do they answer and route all calls for our technicians, they patiently answer all questions, schedule mask and machine appointments, explain set up and our loaner program, and help walk patients through adjusting comfort settings for their machine. These are dedicated patient advocates, and work tirelessly to guarantee our patients get the one-on-one care they deserve. Working to assist all five centers, the PCAs remain available Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm. When they aren't answering calls, they spend time working internally with shipping, billing, and the PCCs to coordinate care between departments, as well as contacting outside suppliers to check in on and ensure the advocacy of our out-of-network patients. 

PCAs: 708.364.9606 ext.7765

Please note: all patient documents intended for any of our locations should be faxed to 708.364.9607